We are Boat Wood & Reclaimed Teak Furniture Producer Based In Jepara Central Java Indonesia.

Our main products are made from reclaimed teak, recycled teak, and boat wood. The furniture made from reclaimed teak is now become famous and now much in demand in the market, especially for antique furniture lovers. Old furniture has its own characteristics because it is made from old teak wood or reclaimed teak that has aged decades.

Boat Wood Furniture

Boat wood furniture is made using colorful wood panels derived from scrap ships had been damaged and has aged decades. The former ship has a nice color scheme and creative because basically the fishermen are very proud of its ships. Along the development era, a boat made of wood is distracted using aluminum. Innovative wood craftsman, finally found the idea of making furniture using recycled boat wood than the ship just burned and wasted in vain.

Recycled Teak

Recycled teak or also known as reclaimed teak is teak wood that was once used to make a particular item. Could be, teak comes from the former buildings or bridges that have been dismantled and no longer used. By the furniture craftsman , lately, recycled teak processed into other items such as furniture and have the impression of antique, classic and high value.

We will bring ” Exotic Green Living Products”.

Mainly Items: Boat wood Furniture & Reclaimed Teak Furniture with good quality, New Ideas and Best Solutions for Eco-Prices for your Furniture come true.